I'd Still Choose Them

To the checkout clerk side-eyeing an ADHD 5-year-old who's asked his dad for a candy bar half a dozen times - we see you.

To the couple at the park scoffing "glad we don't have one of those" at a sobbing toddler who skinned her knee - we hear you.

To the women at brunch toasting to "never having kids" while the embarrassed couple at the next table tries to console their screaming infant - we hear you too.

And, honestly, you're right.

We didn't realize what we were getting ourselves into. Your parents and grandparents probably didn't either.

Trust me, we've heard it all...

"Have they heard of birth control?" (We have indeed.)

"Wouldn't want to see that grocery bill." (You really don't.)

"Do they know what causes that?" (The stork, duh.)

In spite of everything, I want you to know that we support your life choices even when you mock ours. We're high-key thankful a child won't have to grow up unwanted or unloved.

Also? You couldn't do it better. Trust me...you couldn't.


A marker-cleaning, book-reading, diaper-changing, floor-wrestling, booger-wiping, blessed dad (who wouldn't change a thing)

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