My mind is gridlocked.

If you’ve ever wondered what ADHD looks like, here’s a peek at my desk this morning.

Sheet music with notes in the margins, early phases of a card deck I’m building, hundreds of unread emails, and the Good Book.

All competing for my attention.

For the first 30 years of my life, I lamented over my inability to sit still, why even basic tasks needed to be wrapped in urgency before I could make even minor progress.

There’s an anxiety, a loneliness even, that comes with evasive focus.

Your friends and family each have “their thing” they’re known for.

You though? You have a chaos of thought to contend with.

You have more interests than you’ll ever have capacity for. You’re hauntingly aware that any time you spend on one thing is time you can’t spend on another.

Decisions are impossible.

It’s the mental equivalent of threading a needle with a frayed end, that uncontrollable trembling in your hands as you fail again and again.

Awareness is important, whether you have a diagnosis or love someone with one.

Everyone fights differently. Give grace.

#ADHDawareness #ADHDad

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