Descent into Dadness

Fumbling through fatherhood since 2014.

I'm David: DIY junkie, unapologetic nerd, Appalachian native, dad of three, and author of this here blog.

Parenting, much like following Jesus, is a pursuit of purpose greater than ourselves.

Every day is an adventure.


Dear Daughter

You won't remember this - your chest slowly rising, cresting, falling. As some of your first heartbeats tap gently on my forearm, I...


This morning, I stepped on not one, not two, but three different LEGO blocks scattered across the living room. "Death by a thousand cuts"...

Shake the Jar

If you'd told 16-year-old me, in the midst of an uphill battle with hormones and teen-angst, that I would eventually become my father, I...


"We need to talk." Molly has delivered this line many times, each instance dripping with that trademark tension and ambiguity women have...

Buy the Cookie

The boys were awful today. I'm talking DEFCON 1, psychological warfare, existential crisis awful. "Siri, call DCS to come take these...


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